Budget Tips

Are you looking for a budget friendly girls night in?

The other night I attended a sugar scrub party and it was a blast!  It was super easy to make the scrubs and we had so much fun hanging out while we did it!

Best part? I made two jars to give to the boys teachers for part of their Christmas gifts!  Girls night + making gifts= perfect night! 

Want to host your own? It’s super easy!

We each brought $5 and the host had the items needed to make the jars ready to go.

Needed Items:

(I found these jars to be the perfect size to make the scrubs and the labels that came with it are too cute!  They are also dishwasher safe if you use them for other items such as canning, elderberry syrup, etc.)

Steps: (based on jar size)

*Pour 1 cup sugar into a mixing bowl

*Pour 1/3 cup coconut oil over sugar

*10 drops of essential oil or more depending on what you like


*Put in a jar and you are all done!

It was a great way to have a girls night out on a budget and have some fun in the process. So if you are looking for something different to do without breaking the bank try this with your friends!